MetLife is Empowering Employees as One Global Team

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MetLife is Empowering Employees as One Global Team

MetLife employees grow and thrive by providing training and development, emphasizing health and wellness, and promoting diversity and inclusion.
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.@MetLife employees grow and thrive by providing training & development, emphasizing health & wellness

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Monday, August 7, 2017 - 8:00am

Creating a culture of wellness

Light, space, healthy food options, exercise opportunities — MetLife considers these to be basic elements of a culture of workplace wellness. Over the past few years, we’ve focused on bringing these design elements to our newly constructed and existing offices. Some of our newest facilities offer sit-stand desks, treadmill workstations and outdoor walking trails.

We also offer employees online resources — including webinars and articles — on topics such as parenting, aging and personal growth. In
2016, our global wellness program rolled out two enterprisewide wellness campaigns. The Eat, Move, Sleep campaign challenged employees to eat healthy foods, move often and get plenty of rest, and the Prevention Toolkit offered resiliency tools to help manage their health.

What career development opportunities are available to employees?

In our most recent organizational health survey, many employees identified greater career growth and empowerment as a priority. In response, we have continued to expand internal tools and training to provide a self-directed career experience:

  • Our One People Place online platform allows employees to register for training courses, create learning plans, view job openings and access information.

  • The MetLife MyLearning portal delivers an array of online resources — employees can sharpen their financial skills, engage in language study and pursue training on other topics.

  • Associates can participate in comprehensive training, such as the MetLife Technical University International Rotation Program. This hands-on, eight- week experience based in Cary, North Carolina, builds business skills
    and increases understanding of how to put operational excellence into practice.

    The annual performance review process includes a career goals discussion. Employees are strongly encouraged to actively engage in setting their optimal career path and to collaborate with their managers to make it happen. 

Continue reading by downloading the MetLife Global Impact 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report HERE

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