Whirlpool Veterans Honored With Luncheon

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Whirlpool Veterans Honored With Luncheon

By Tony Wittkowski
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Whirlpool Corporation honors veterans in Benton Harbor with luncheon @WhirlpoolCorp http://bit.ly/2yEHnaT

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Bob Lemyre, co-founder of the Whirlpool Veterans Association, talks about the role of veterans Friday during a meeting at the Whirlpool Customer Service Center. Photo Credit: Don Campbell/HP Staff

Jane Sykora Photo Credit: Don Campbell/HP Staff

Shenita Patterson Photo Credit: Don Campbell/HP Staff

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 2:30pm

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BENTON HARBOR — Shenita Patterson didn’t know her experience in the Army would come into play when she joined Whirlpool Corp.

Four years after joining the company’s employee resource group for veterans, Patterson is appreciative of what the appliance maker has done to make her feel more at home.

“What I was so excited about was to see how they honor and support the veterans at Whirlpool. Not just on veterans Day, they go out other way to make us feel appreciative. Just out of the blue, we have people come up and say ‘Thank you for serving your country.’ That makes me feel good.”

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