Making Our Mission Possible: CJ Walsh

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Making Our Mission Possible: CJ Walsh

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The supporter of the month initiative is to thank the people who have shown incredible commitment to LIVESTRONG
Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 7:00am

CAMPAIGN: LIVESTRONG in the Communities


Our supporter of the month initiative is an opportunity to thank the special people who have shown incredible commitment to LIVESTRONG. It also serves as a chance to introduce LIVESTRONG staff, interns, clients and community to the powerful stories behind some of our biggest supporters.

July Supporter of the Month: CJ Walsh

Background: CJ is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. CJ got involved with LIVESTRONG when he started Team I Hate Cancer with his brother, Michael Walsh, to honor friends and family members they lost to cancer. Since, they’ve grown their involvement with LIVESTRONG because of the incredible people they’ve met and the significant impact they were able to create by the dollars they raised. Today, CJ is a part of our Leaders program and commits his time through fundraising, hosting events, and bringing LIVESTRONGresources to his local community.

LS: How did you become involved with LIVESTRONG?

CJ: Then a novice cyclist, my brother participated in our first LIVESTRONG Challenge in 2006.

LS: What is your occupation?

CJ: Business Development and Marketing Consultant, also I work as a freelance writer.

LS: What do you like to do in your free time?

CJ: Saltwater fishing and hating cancer!

LS: Can you tell us a bit about your family?

CJ: My brother and I started Team I Hate Cancer, inspired by the philanthropic efforts of our parents.

LS: Why is it important to you to give back?

CJ: We don’t know any other way.

LS: What is your connection to cancer?

CJ: Countless family members, friends and colleagues.

LS: In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of LIVESTRONG’s work?

CJ: LIVESTRONG’s free patient navigation services are vital to the foundation’s work in the cancer community.

LS/CJ: Finish this sentence: To me, LIVESTRONG means…”that every family facing a cancer diagnosis has an incredible resource in their corner. In Philadelphia, we use the term, ‘I got a guy for that’. LIVESTRONG is ‘that guy’ for thousands of families facing a cancer diagnosis every day.”

Our thanks to CJ this, and every month, for all he and the Team I Hate Cancer crew do to support our mission!

Interested in learning about more about how we help people affected by cancer? Connect with a program manager at!