Team LIVESTRONG Spotlight: Cyclists Combating Cancer

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Team LIVESTRONG Spotlight: Cyclists Combating Cancer

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Livestrong highlights Cyclists Combating Cancer and their support LIVESTRONG’s cancer programs
Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 7:00am

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We’re highlighting some of the amazing individuals and teams that have made our events so special, and who do incredible work fundraising to support LIVESTRONG’s cancer programs and services.

Team Name: Cyclists Combating Cancer
Team Captain: Steve Bartolucci
Co-Captain: Will Swetnam

LS: Tell us about your Team? What inspired the name? Do you have a team motto?

Cyclists Combating Cancer was founded by Damon Phinney in August of 1998. Damon’s idea was to develop an email community to connect those in treatment or beyond who had an interest in recovery and fitness through bicycling. He had found bicycling helped him significantly; developed the motto, “Ride To Live,” and wanted to express that to the Survivor Community. Support and Fundraising for LIVESTRONG followed almost immediately. The email “ListServe” evolved into a website, “,” and now we have a Facebook Page, as well.

LS: How many years has your team been participating in the LIVESTRONG Challenge?

Cyclists Combating Cancer has been a part of all LIVESTRONG events, since their inception. We have won numerous awards for Fundraising, Individual, Team, and have been honored for our steadfast support and consistency. Several years ago, a conference room at LSHQ was dedicated in our team’s name. Over the years, we have had CCC members as LIVESTRONG Employees, Challenge Mentors, LS Leaders and Senior Leaders, and representatives at events such as OVAC.

LS: What are some of your favorite parts of the LIVESTRONG Challenge?

Since our team “exists virtually,” members rarely get a chance to gather en masse except at events such as the Challenge. Many of us see coming to Austin each October as a “Family Reunion,” on many levels.

LS: What is your favorite rest stop (of all time) during the ride?

Back in the day, there was a “Survivors Rest Stop” in Buda. That was staffed by a raucous group of Cancer Survivors, who could be counted on for crazy outfits, loud, rocking music, and what seemed like an all-day Celebration of Life! Hard to top that!

LS: What does LIVESTRONG mean to you?

For our Team, LIVESTRONG represents a positive, stride (pedal) forward attitude toward Survivorship, built around camaraderie, moral support, and the benefits of exercise. By embracing bicycling, as well as other active sports, Team Members carry on the tradition established by Damon Phinney, that has evolved into The LIVESTRONG Lifestyle.

LS: What is one Fundraising tactic that has been successful to your team?

Simply put, we most often ask our supporters to match “A Dollar A Mile.” Watch out though, our miles add up really quickly!

LS: Share one piece of advice you would give someone struggling to fundraise?

The easiest thing to do is to tie your fundraising effort into some physical activity. By “throwing down” to family, friends and associates, you challenge them to be inspired by the work you are willing to do to promote your (and their) health and recovery. Getting people you know to “get off the couch” and come walk, run, ride or whatever with you almost automatically assures they will donate to your effort.

LS: Share one piece of advice you would give someone affected by cancer?

LIVESTRONG has the tools to turn you into a Survivor and not a Victim. That is the core of “Attitude is Everything.”  We know that “Knowledge is Power,” so learn about your disease, become an expert, and take control of your body by Exercise through Recovery. Finally, “Unity is Strength,” so find a group, like Cyclists Combating Cancer, that can provide the support you need to help you along the way.


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