A Veterans Day 'Welcome Home' to the Alcatraz 11

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A Veterans Day 'Welcome Home' to the Alcatraz 11

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The Alcatraz 11, veterans that fought for freedom and survived 7 years of torture during the Vietnam War. Read at: http://bit.ly/1wPaRxT

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The Alcatraz 11, famously stalwart leaders of 500 American POWs in North Vietnam in 2004. One did not return from Vietnam, and two others had passed away at this point.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 12:00pm

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Through every war and call to military action, our country has been protected by special people that volunteer to risk their lives to defend our freedom. And through every triumph and return home, our communities have the opportunity to thank those men and women.

This Veterans Day, The Coca-Cola Company is extending a special “thank you” to a group of men and women that fought for freedom during a time of strife and contention. Coca-Cola will honor four of the remaining five Alcatraz 11 and their families tonight during a special recognition ceremony. 

The Alcatraz 11 is a group of American Prisoners of War (POW) that survived over seven years of torture, isolation and oppression in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. George Thomas Coker, Jeremiah Denton, Harry Jenkins, Sam Johnson, George McKnight, James Mulligan, Howard Rutledge, Robert Shumaker, James Stockdale, Ronald Storz, and Nels Tanner were the leaders of the total 500 POWs imprisoned in the infamous Hanoi camp. And their wives left at the homefront to fight for their husbands’ freedom showed the same strength and courage for justice. Author Alvin Townley illustrates their tales of hope, survival and honor in his latest book, Defiant.

Read more about the Alcatraz 11 and their harrowing tales during their years of imprisonment.

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