‘Wells Fargo Is My Safe Zone’

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‘Wells Fargo Is My Safe Zone’

Wells Fargo senior leaders and team members look at how the company has created a more diverse and inclusive environment over the past five years.
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Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 3:30pm

When Sultana Altaf is at an airport, she’s aware that people look at her differently, and it makes her uncomfortable. But when she visits Wells Fargo offices around the U.S. for her job as a compliance consultant for the company, she feels comfortable. “I wear a head scarf and look different,” said Altaf, who is an Afghan American and Muslim. “In comparison to how I’m approached in the outside world, Wells Fargo is my safe zone. It’s people’s reactions, the culture, and managers who look at you as a professional.”

Altaf, who works in Corporate Risk for Wells Fargo, felt strongly enough about Wells Fargo’s diverse and inclusive environment that she drove two hours from her home in San Diego to Pasadena, California, to speak to CEO Tim Sloan and other senior leaders at a companywide town hall meeting in May. “We promote diversity and inclusion in the company, and I want to share that I’m a live example of that,” Altaf said during the meeting. “I feel included in this company. I feel like I have a voice in this company.”

A focus on diversity and inclusion

Wells Fargo has made significant strides in enhancing its diverse and inclusive environment, especially over the past five years, said Jimmie Paschall, head of Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion & Strategic Philanthropy.

“When we think about Wells Fargo’s impact, it’s not just about how many checking accounts there are and how much business we have,” Paschall said. “It’s about how the people we’re interacting with feel. We want everyone to feel included and feel appreciated. And if we do that, we’ll be truly successful at Wells Fargo.”

In May, Wells Fargo was named the No. 9 company for diversity and inclusion by DiversityInc magazine. This is the first year the company has been ranked in the top 10 after being a part of the top 50 list since 2001. Wells Fargo was recognized specifically for its diverse board of directors, female team members who are promoted into management, mentoring participation, and commitment to recruiting and retaining veterans, the magazine reported.

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