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Technology is empowering corporations to maximize the impact of their giving and CSR efforts, making it increasingly important to stay informed on leading software and grantmaking solutions.
When it comes to attracting and retaining clients and talent, and to making a difference as a good corporate citizen, the lines are blurring between corporate giving and engagement programs being “nice to have” and “have to have.” Strategic, successful corporate giving and...
A cross-program view into the impact of a corporation's social programs is particularly important, as many companies coordinate their various CSR efforts from within different teams, which can make it difficult to understand the collective results. With MicroEdge’s enhanced suite of CSR...
Thinking About Sustainability?The Business Case for Sustainability Employee EngagementAre You Ready to Take Your EVP to the Next Level?Cost-Effective Solutions for Managing Your Employee Volunteer and Engagement Programs with AngelPointsHigher Engagement Brings Greater Value to Your BusinessUsing a...


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