Old Mutual Positive Futures Plan 2015

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Old Mutual Positive Futures Plan 2015

The Plan’s goals for 2020 include:

  • scaling up its financial education programmes to reach 50 million people
  • positively influencing 20 million people through micro-finance and micro-insurance products
  • investing 10% of its funds under management in the green economy and infrastructure.

Bruce Hemphill, Group Chief Executive says “We remain committed to being proactive in our contribution to society, including the growth of jobs, housing and income.  Our Positive Futures Plan unites us in our long-term view of creating positive futures for all.”

Old Mutual’s core responsible business practices will continue: sound environmental management; investment in communities through Old Mutual’s foundations, trusts and supported-employee activities; continued development of its approach to human rights; and disclosing progress through publically available reports such as through PRI and CDP.

Download the Positive Futures Plan 2015 here

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